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Fitness Friday – Zumba, Zumba, Zumba!


One thing about my fitness routine is I love to mix it up. Free weights, barre fusion, Zumba, TRX, circuit training, at home DVDs, Popsugar online workouts…if I don’t incorporate new things, I get bored easy. But, I’ve also found confusing your muscles is the way to shape them. If you do the same things over and over and over again, you’re going to plateau…and get bored.

A few months ago, I started going to Zumba at my LifeTime. Although I have rhythm and can dance – I was intimidated to go to class at first. I didn’t want to look silly not knowing the steps. But, I put on my big girl workout pants, sucked it up, and went into class with an open mind. And I’m so glad I did – because I feel in love with the class and the instructor! She makes the class. It’s a fun, booty shaking, chest poppin’, sweat fest. I get an incredible workout!

You may be are hesitant to go to class because you don’t know the steps. To help you feel more comfortable – head to YouTube! There are tons of instructional videos that can teach you the steps before you head to class. You can at least learn the basic steps like Salsa, Merengue, Cha Cha and more. Here are some videos directly from Zumba’s YouTube channel.

Here are my Zumba class tips:

  • Have fun! It doesn’t matter if you can’t get the steps right away, just keeping moving and have fun. The point is to get a great workout.
  • Stand in front! Now, I know you don’t want the attention on you, especially if it’s your first time, but get towards the front so you can see the instructor. You won’t learn the steps if you can’t see his/her feet.
  • Concentrate on your moves! My instructor does a couple songs during class where we are doing squats or ab work. Concentrate on working your muscles. You’ll get an even better workout. Even when you are circling your hips, for instance, get into a low enough squat so you are working your legs and tighten that core as you circle your hips. Feel the burn even as you dance.
  • Give it more than one try! So, you didn’t like the first class. Don’t give up. The more times you go, the easier the steps become. And each class is never the same! You’ll do different songs all the time. Also, if your club or studio has more than one class a week, try a different instructor.

Now get off your booty and try Zumba!!


Do you Kinect?

For Christmas, Santa brought the kiddos an Xbox 360 with the Kinect sensor. Now, I was hesitant of this gift at first because the last thing I wanted is the kiddos sitting on their booties playing video games. BUT…I was completely wrong!

The Kinect is awesome. All of the games we have bought for it so far get all players up and moving. No controller necessary. In the winter months, even in Georgia, it can be hard to get outside to play, so the Kinect is one of the best indoor options in my book. Last night, the boy came upstairs sweating he was playing so hard. Disney’s Rush game is currently their favorite, and I’ll admit I was down there playing it with them this morning.

Of course momma had to buy a few games as well. Just Dance 2014, Hip Hop Experience, and Zumba Fitness have joined the game collection. I did the 45-minute Zumba “class” today on the Easy level and it kicked my booty! I was sweating just as much as I was in class the other day.

So if you are hesitant on buying your kids – or the whole family – a video gaming system, try the Xbox with the Kinect sensor. It truly is fun for everyone!!

Xbox Kinect

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