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Dum Dum Dum – Swimsuit Season is Around the Corner

Yeah, yeah. I’m definitely one of those women who doesn’t love swimsuit season. Now, I am 100% comfortable in my skin when I am clothed, as I have really learned how to dress myself to accentuate my assets. It’s when I have to put on a swimsuit, the self-conscious switch turns on. I have the “mommy tummy” where the lower belly skin isn’t exactly the tightest…and lots of stretch marks. BUT, I earned those stripes – and I remind myself I grew two very healthy babies in my belly. I’m proud of them!

So, I may wear a bikini when I have a spray tan and the stretch marks don’t show as much…but my usual swimsuit is a one piece or tankini. There are so many options out there! One piece swimsuits can be just as cute as those teeny weeny bikinis. I’m heading on a beach vacay in less than two months, so I went out and pinned a few suits I want to keep my eye on. Many of them were at Nordstrom, so I need to make a trip in there to see how they look.

Do you feel more comfortable in one pieces, tankinis, or a bikini?

Plaid Pins

Recently, I was reviewing my My Style board on Pinterest. I found a theme I’ve had going on for the last few pins. Plaid! Now, I’ve always loved a good plaid, but tartan plaid is definitely popular this season. Let’s see a few of my favorites.

How many plaid shirts do you own? Have you thought about mixing the plaid with polka dots?

Fitness Friday – My Favorite Pinned Workout

Ok, how many of you constantly pin workouts on Pinterest…yet, never do them? I bet a lot of you would be raising your hands right now. I have to admit there are quite a few on my fitness board that I haven’t done, but this one I absolutely love!


This is such a great 10-minute workout! It works your booty and legs so well! I love how it incorporates ballet moves. And hello…did you catch what I said? 10 minutes. I pull this up on my laptop and do it in my living room. I’ll do it through twice to get an even better workout.

Try it! I hope you love it as much as I do!

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