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Fitness Friday – The Windmill with a Kettle Bell

My friend, Elisabeth, got me hooked on kettle bells almost two years ago. She told me how you could get a great total body workout by using this compact weight. She was absolutely right, and I’m so glad I took her fitness advice!

Once of my favorite kettle bell moves, besides the basic swing of course, is the windmill. Why? Because I love how it targets your core, yet you still work out your shoulders, back, and even your hamstrings.

If it’s your first time doing this move, I would suggest starting with a lower weight kettle bell. You’d be amazed how your normal weight will feel way too heavy, and you’ll probably lose your balance when you start reaching down.

To me, the key to this move is going slow. The slower, the better. You can really focus on tightening your core. Also, try to keep your arm that is up in the air straight up and down as you slide down the side of your opposite leg. I have seen several variations of this move, as  some people go down to touch their toe. I think going as far as you can is a good goal to start with.

Try 5-10 per side for 3 sets.



Do you have a favorite kettle bell move?

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