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lululemon’s Align Pant





I know I’ve done a post about the Align capris, but now that I’ve been wearing lululemon’s Align capris and pants for a while now, I feel I can really give a good review.

I. Love. These. So. Freaking. Much.

Not only are they comfortable, but the feel of this Nulu fabric is ridiculous. They describe it as buttery soft, and they are not lying. It is SO soft. What surprises me the most is even with the buttery softness, these really do wick away sweat. I like to wear these under sweaters with boots, too…so they are not just my workout gear.

I tend to like high waisted pants, and as you can see in the picture, these come up just enough. The tall waist has a pocket too in the front to hold any locker keys while you are at the gym.

When you pick these up, you may think they are really thin. That’s the beauty of them though. They are not a heavy pant, BUT they still hide any trouble areas. They slim you out without being tight and uncomfortable.

You seriously have to try on these pants – and buy them. If you wear workout gear as much as I do, they are completely worth the money. (And I’ve washed these a hundred times and they still look brand new.)

Sports tank – lucy; Pants – lululemon Align; Shoes – Asics GT-2000; Fitbit Flex

Fitness Friday – Don’t Hold on to the Treadmill

I don’t have that many pet peeves when I’m at the gym, except this one that tops it all.

People holding on to the treadmill!!

don't hold on to the treadmill

When I look over and see someone looking all proud of themselves walking at 4.2 speed at a 10 incline holding on for dear life, I just want to say, “I dare you to take your hands off that treadmill. Just do it. See if you can still walk for more than 10 seconds. Do it. Do it. Do it!”

When you walk outside, do you walk with handrails next to you? Are there handrails when you are hiking up a mountain? Do you walk without moving your arms? Seriously, people, let’s use our brains here for a second.

People obviously don’t understand that they are reducing the effectiveness of their workout by about 40%. That’s right. 40%. Think you just burnt 300 calories by going full speed up an incline? WRONG.

There is a good article on Popsugar that describes how ineffective this is. If you don’t believe me, then listen to these fitness experts.

Ok. My rant and rave is done for the day. But, is this a pet peeve of you, too? Or am I alone in this?!

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