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Lilly Pulitzer Sloane Print Maxi

lilly pulitzer sloane maxi

lilly pulitzer sloane maxi2

lilly pulitzer sloane maxi3

I guess this summer I had a slight obsession with Lilly Pulitzer. Not sure why, but the bright colors really drew me in. Same goes for when I saw this Sloane maxi dress. For one, I love maxis. Two, it was jersey material that doesn’t easily wrinkle. Three, the Roar Of The Seas print is so pretty. I do have to say though, I had to wear my tallest wedges with this…it’s so long! I definitely think I need to go to the tailor to have it hemmed a little bit. There are multiple prints of this dress, and with the ruching of the waist, it’s flattering on so many body types. Highly recommend this dress!

Dress – Lilly Pulitzer Sloane Maxi; Bracelets – Stella & Dot (new fav gold!), Henri Bendel (all are sold out), Kendra Scott (old); Tory Burch Fitbit holder (on sale in silver here)

Plenty by Tracy Reese Sungrove Maxi





Not very often to do I ever buy things full price at Anthro…except for this dress. When we were in NYC and walked into their gorgeous store in Rockefeller Center, I knew I wanted to try this on. I love yellow, love a good floral print, love ruffles, and love small details. Yes, I splurged. But of course, now it’s on sale. Always works out that way.

If you’ve been eyeing it, you can grab it for $99 with an extra 25% off! This dress looks so much better in person than online…much brighter and more vibrant colors. And if you are a working momma like me, it’s office appropriate…it has a nude slip underneath.

And can I tell you how much I love my Fitbit Flex holder by Tory Burch?! I have been wearing by Flex for three years this month, and I’m glad I finally broke down and bought one!

Dress – Plenty by Tracy Reece Sungrove Maxi; Wedges – Corso Como Gladis; Bracelets – Henri Bendel (sold out except for the Petite Enamel Cuff); Tory Burch Fitbit Flex Holder (in silver on sale); Watch – Rolex

kate spade Blooms Fit and Flare Dress





I stalked this dress for over a year…and my stalking paid off because I only paid $80 for this gorgeous beauty! Being patient is worth it sometimes I guess! 🙂

I just love the colors so much. It has my favorite cobalt blue and pinks, and I even love the brownish flowers they threw in there too. The fabric is thick and the dress is so well made. They still have this in many sizes on kate spade’s website for $196 – but I suggest you try your nearest kate spade outlet to see if they have it like I did.

Finally…I broke down and bought a Tory Burch Fitbit Flex holder. My colorful rubberized bands just didn’t make the cut with some of my clothing choices. And what a great investment this was! Feels just like a normal bracelet…and I don’t workout in it obviously. The rubberized bands still get used for that for sure.

Dress – kate spade Bloom; Shoes – Sam Edelman (style here); Sunnies – Tory Burch; Fitbit Flex Holder – Tory Burch (on sale in silver here); Bracelets – Henri Bendel Petite Enamel and Leather Bangle

Fitness Friday – Fitbit Flex

Sometimes it’s hard to be active during the week, as I sit behind a desk almost all day. I had heard of Fitbits, but I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to pay for one. Well…lucky for me, I have Humana health insurance and my employer also lets us participate in Humana’s Vitality program. What does that equate to? Me paying $0 for my Fitbit Flex!

fitbit flex

I’ve had my Fitbit for almost a month now, and I’ve been religious about wearing it. Is it the most fashionable thing? Uh, no. But, I like to see how much I’m moving during the day. Not just how much I’m moving, but how well I’m sleeping. Yes, it even tracks your sleeping patterns. How cool is that?

Here’s an example of my dashboard when I sync it with the computer. Most of the time I have it synced with the iPhone app, which is so convenient.

fitbit flex dashboard


I find myself competing with, well, myself. You can connect to friends through your email and Facebook, but I find myself trying to beat my steps from the day before. I think wearing this device has motivated me to move more. When I’m so close to 10,000 steps, I’ll just start walking around the house. Seriously. If you have a Fitbit, you know what I mean.

Now, can the results be skewed a little? Absolutely. If you stand still and just move your arm back and forth, it will count as “steps.” Even when I blow dry my hair, it will skew my steps. So I have learned when I need to take it off, depending on the activity I’m doing. Of course it also makes me mad when I’m doing a ton of squats and it doesn’t count it all. I think it probably equals itself out.

Like I said, it tracks your sleep. When you put it into “sleep mode,” it knows during the night when you are restless or awake. Needless to say, I sleep pretty well. There’s only been a few times in the last month where I’ve been restless more than five times. Here’s a typical night for me…

fitbit sleep


If you need a device to help motivate you to get your booty moving, the $99 for a Fitfit Flex is worth it in my book. It’s gotten me to rethink how much I move!

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