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Fitness Friday – Fitbit Flex

Sometimes it’s hard to be active during the week, as I sit behind a desk almost all day. I had heard of Fitbits, but I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to pay for one. Well…lucky for me, I have Humana health insurance and my employer also lets us participate in Humana’s Vitality program. What does that equate to? Me paying $0 for my Fitbit Flex!

fitbit flex

I’ve had my Fitbit for almost a month now, and I’ve been religious about wearing it. Is it the most fashionable thing? Uh, no. But, I like to see how much I’m moving during the day. Not just how much I’m moving, but how well I’m sleeping. Yes, it even tracks your sleeping patterns. How cool is that?

Here’s an example of my dashboard when I sync it with the computer. Most of the time I have it synced with the iPhone app, which is so convenient.

fitbit flex dashboard


I find myself competing with, well, myself. You can connect to friends through your email and Facebook, but I find myself trying to beat my steps from the day before. I think wearing this device has motivated me to move more. When I’m so close to 10,000 steps, I’ll just start walking around the house. Seriously. If you have a Fitbit, you know what I mean.

Now, can the results be skewed a little? Absolutely. If you stand still and just move your arm back and forth, it will count as “steps.” Even when I blow dry my hair, it will skew my steps. So I have learned when I need to take it off, depending on the activity I’m doing. Of course it also makes me mad when I’m doing a ton of squats and it doesn’t count it all. I think it probably equals itself out.

Like I said, it tracks your sleep. When you put it into “sleep mode,” it knows during the night when you are restless or awake. Needless to say, I sleep pretty well. There’s only been a few times in the last month where I’ve been restless more than five times. Here’s a typical night for me…

fitbit sleep


If you need a device to help motivate you to get your booty moving, the $99 for a Fitfit Flex is worth it in my book. It’s gotten me to rethink how much I move!

Fitness Friday – 1st Lululemon Purchase

If you followed my last blog, you know I love lucy activewear. The fits are great. The fabrics are great. It all washes so well. But…I feel like I have been disloyal to lucy. Last weekend, I purchased my first products from lululemon.

I love working out, so purchasing workout clothes that last are important to me. So I stopped in their store to try some things out. First, I wanted to see how the pants fit. I am very picky on my workout pants. The waistband can’t be too tight and the overall fit has to be somewhat on the more snug side. Why? There is nothing that annoys me more than when I’m doing box jumps, for instance, and my pants start falling down. And of course fabric. It can’t be too thick and not too thin (don’t want anything showing through!).

So I tried on the Astro pant and the Groove pant, both in a size 6. They said the size 6 was like a small. The Groove pant felt nice on, but had a pretty wide leg at the bottom. One nice feature – it was reversible! Also, the waistband was straight across. But, I chose the Astro pant. The leg wasn’t as wide at the bottom, which I think made my legs look thinner and more toned. I also fell in love with the waistband. It is a V-shape and super flattering. The waistband is so comfortable. If you are around a lululemon store, try these pants on. You’ll understand what I mean.

The sales associate informed me that even though their sports bras might not have pads in them, they can put them in there if you want for free. So…I asked them to do this on this one I bought on sale. I love the color – and the back. It’s not supportive enough for me to go running in, but lifting weights, absolutely. I went with a size 8, since the girls need some room to breathe. 🙂

See what you think about my new purchases. Are you loyal to one brand? Or do you like to mix everything up?

lululemon sports bra and astro pant DSC_2862 DSC_2863

Fitness Friday – My Favorite Pinned Workout

Ok, how many of you constantly pin workouts on Pinterest…yet, never do them? I bet a lot of you would be raising your hands right now. I have to admit there are quite a few on my fitness board that I haven’t done, but this one I absolutely love!


This is such a great 10-minute workout! It works your booty and legs so well! I love how it incorporates ballet moves. And hello…did you catch what I said? 10 minutes. I pull this up on my laptop and do it in my living room. I’ll do it through twice to get an even better workout.

Try it! I hope you love it as much as I do!

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