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Fitness Friday – Review of Nike Studio Wrap Shoes

A while ago, I admitted how curious I was of how the Nike Studio Wrap shoes would work in my ballet class. Well, after many wears…I have to say…


Nike Studio Wrap Shoes

Now, I say that because they fit my feet very well. The sizing of these Studio Wraps is a little off. I am a true 8.5 and ordered these in a Medium. They say the Medium fits sizes 7.5-9. To me, if you are closer to 7.5, they would feel way too big. And if you were closer to 9, they would pull too much between your toes and not be comfortable at all. I guess I’m a lucky one, because they fit my feet very well.

When I first wore these to class, I have to admit it took me a while to get used to them in between my toes. But once I got over that, I won’t go to class without these. They do a great job of protecting the bottoms of my feet as well. It still allows my toes to grip the mat or floor, but protects and gives a little bit of cushion to the balls and heel of my foot.

Nike Studio Wrap Shoes

Another excellent feature – they are machine washable! They come in their own little wash sack. I’ve washed mine multiple times, and they still have the same vibrant color and stretch as when I first got them out of the box.

It seems that Nike likes to put these on sale when they come out with new prints and colors…so the opportunity to get these on sale is pretty ideal. I got mine through Zappos.

I’ve tried the socks with the grips on the bottom, and I definitely prefer these shoes over the socks. The socks tend to slip and slide a little more, when these feel more stable on your foot.

Overall, I give these Nike Studio Wrap shoes a huge thumbs up!!

Fitness Friday – So Curious

While I was looking through the shoe department last weekend at Nordstrom, I noticed these Nike Studio Wrap shoes. For the last couple of months, I’ve been taking a Ballet Body Fusion class through LifeTime, and I love it! I just bought some ballet/barre socks at lucy, but then I spotted these:

Nike Studio Wrap


I have to admit, I hate the way my feet feel on the bare floor. The socks definitely help, but I’m wondering if I would like these “shoes.” They look very supportive and have great reviews on Nike’s website.

Should I bite the bullet? They are on sale for $39. Has anyone tried these and want to weigh in?

Fitness Friday – Booty Kicks

I started doing ballet when I was the wee age of four. And yes, I still have that first recital costume, too (thanks, momma!). If you’ve noticed lately, ballet-type workout classes are starting to become all the rage…Bar Method, anyone? You’ll also notice these studios cost a small fortune, too. Not that it’s not worth it, but I’ll keep my gym that has free childcare and is open 24 hours a day – even though only one Ballet Body Fusion class a week if offered for now.

But, let’s look at ballet dancer’s bodies. I can sum them up in two words. Long and lean. And these dancers are so strong. Have you ever tried to do an arabesque? How high can you get your leg – and actually hold it up there for any length of time? It’s tough.

Last year, I started incorporating more ballet-type moves into my workouts. And my favorite is what I call the Booty Kick. It’s kind of like moving your leg into an arabesque, but height of your leg is not the purpose. The purpose? Toning the booty and legs. And it’s ridiculously simple. I find myself just standing in front of the TV doing this exercise.

Posture is key. Think like a ballet dancer. No slouching your shoulders forward or bending over. Slowly raise your leg backward while keeping your hips forward. Tighten your booty the entire time. See below for how high I get my leg. At this height, I really feel it in my butt and lower back. I’m also working my shoulders by keeping my arms up. I like to do 3 sets of 20 on each leg. Try not to touch your toe to the ground each time – work on that balance!

Want to feel the burn even more? Add a band around your ankles. Works your muscles even better!!

booty kick1 booty kick2

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