About Em

Welcome to a little bit of Em. I’m Em. Emily to be formal. Em if you’ve known me for a while. Or even Emilette if you are part of my family. I originally started blogging two years ago with a friend of mine, writing a dual blog. But I love blogging so much, I have now started my own blog!

I’m a employee benefits communicator by day in Atlanta, but love blogging about fashion, fitness, and my family at night. I’m not the expert on anything, but love throwing my opinion into the mix in this gigantic world of blogging.

I was born in Iowa (Go Hawkeyes!), raised in Illinois (no, not Chicago but am a huge Blackhawks fan), and now live in the south outside of the ATL with my husband and two children. I’ll always be a Midwestern girl, but you will hear me saying y’all quite often and I’m raising my children to say “yes, ma’am.” I love living in a city that has every store I ever want to shop at – including Von Maur!

I hope you enjoy the blog as much as I enjoy writing it!

  1. Love how colorful it is.

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