Mom and Daughter Bonding Time – Love It!


Last week, the girl and I saw Ariana Grande and Rixton in concert. Going to concerts has turned into mommy and daughter adventures. And I love every moment…and I hope she does, too.

When we were getting ready for the show, I was just looking at my little girl and realizing that she is growing up too fast. You know when they are babies and you just want them to keep reaching those milestones? “I can’t wait for her to sit up. I can’t wait for her to walk. I can’t wait until she gets out of her car seat.” Those milestones come and go so quickly. I just can’t believe she’s going to be 11 in a few short months. As I was fixing my hair, she got in my closet (like she always does) to play in my high heels. When she put one pair on – she was almost as tall as me! AHHHHHH! I know the day will come when she will actually look me eye to eye. It will be here before I know it.

I’m trying to learn to enjoy it all. Since you can’t take time and slow it down, you have to live in the moment. Put the phones down. Enjoy the time you are spending with your children. Before the concert, we ate at P.F. Changs and just talked. About anything and everything. I think that was my favorite part of our evening. Just hearing about her school day and swimming and just life as a fifth grader. I want her to always know I will be there to listen.

We both enjoyed the concert. I have to say Rixton was a great opener. They knew how to engage the crowd – and they are great singers. Did I mention their British accents are awesome? I’m a sucker for accents. Ariana has some big pipes for such a petite girl. I could tell it was her first headlining tour; it seemed a little unpolished as she constantly exited the stage to change and there were big gaps of time. I wouldn’t rate it in my top shows I’ve ever seen, but the girl enjoyed it, and that’s what matters. I bought the tickets for her (and I’m so glad she didn’t want that $40 concert t-shirt either!).

I’m looking forward to many more mother daughter bonding adventures! How do you bond with your daughter?

Me: Dress – Anthropologie (super sale!!); Sandals – Kohl’s (old); Necklace – Tiffany; Watch – Rolex

Girl: Dress – Lilly Pultizer via ThredUp; Flip flops – Target (old) 

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  1. Awe that is so nice, my mother and I have the same kind of relationship. She is my best friend.

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