Rescuing a “Saint”

Since the weekend after Thanksgiving, our house has been a little busier. Why you may ask? We have the pitter patter of four new paws.

Meet Rosie.

St. Bernard Puppy - Smooth Coat

Yes, some people thought we were crazy adding another dog to the house, especially since our Frenchie Daisy Mae is such a diva. But our hearts felt we needed to rescue another St. Bernard.

Our journey with Saints began in June 2003 back in Illinois. We rescued a 3-year old smooth coat Saint from the Illinois chapter of the St. Bernard Rescue Group. Gabby became our first baby. Well, a big baby. She came with a sad story of neglect, so we couldn’t wait to shower her with lots of love. When we lost her to old age in April 2011, it was rough. She was such a huge part of our family – and our kids loved her so much.

So we added Daisy to our family shortly after Gabby passed. And don’t get me wrong, we love Daisy to death, but…our hearts missed our gentle giant. We had gone from 110 lbs. of a lovable giant to 23 lbs. of a diva made of pure muscle. Occasionally over the years we would check the St. Bernard Rescue Group’s adoptions, just wondering what dogs needed forever homes.

At the end of November, the hubs was checking the site, without my knowing. And of course what showed up in Tennessee? Three smooth coat puppies. He said it was meant to be. Puppies don’t last long in the adoption world, so he contacted the TN group.

Rosie and her sister and brother had been relinquished by a backyard breeder. He couldn’t sell them and make money, so he just dumped them at the Rescue Group to handle. I guess at least he didn’t just turn them into a shelter. But still…why are you a breeder? Just to make money? Makes me sick. Most breeders I’ve ever encountered are pure dog lovers – and they have a huge brood of their own. (And they don’t care their houses have been destroyed by puppies chewing everything!) I guess at least we got her before she was abused or neglected. When we had Gabby it was hard because at age three, she had so many years of neglect and a back story we didn’t know.


So we got to adopt and rescue this beautiful 7-month old girl. It made our hearts happy giving her a great home. Now, the first few days were a little rough with Daisy, but now they constantly are together. And we pay close attention on how much love we give Daisy – making sure it is equal amongst the “siblings.”

Rosie is such a sweetheart. You just want to lie on the floor and snuggle with her (which I find myself doing a lot of). She wasn’t consistently potty trained, so we are still having a few accidents – and boy had I forgotten how big bladders Saints have! She is great with all of the kid’s friends, and she’s starting to open up meeting Oliver the Newfie and Ozzie the Great Pyrenees down the street. It’s important to me that she is socialized with other dogs besides Daisy. Her favorite thing to do daily is to take every single toy out of the basket and throw them all over the first floor of the house. 🙂

If you haven’t rescued and/or adopted a dog before, it’s such a wonderful feeling. There are thousands of dogs out there that need loving homes! If I could, I’d have ten more dogs! If you can’t adopt a dog, always remember that rescue groups and shelters are always in need of donations. Before Saints are adopted, for instance, they are spayed or neutered and brought up their shots. And let’s not forget how much food can cost! While it’s almost the end of 2014, you still have time to get your tax deductible donations in!

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