Scarves – A Must Have Accessory

Over the past few years, my scarf collection has grown a ton. It can make an outfit in an instant. Just by wrapping something around your neck!

Cool fall mornings are among us. And scarves are perfect to keep you warm when there is a little chill in the air. It was only 55 degrees in the morning, but was supposed to heat up to almost 80. Here’s a perfect example. We visited the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC this last weekend. Not to digress too much, but I’m a major kid at heart – I could not freakin’ wait to feed the giraffes!! I’m a huge animal lover, and if you didn’t know this about me, I actually interned at a zoo!


DSC_4077But back to the fashion 🙂 It was definitely chilly in the morning, so I wrapped an infinity scarf around my neck and out the door I went. Excitedly to feed the giraffes. Ha! I got this awesome scarf at Von Maur on sale for…wait for it…$7! I won’t go on my rant on how much I love Von Maur and you’re crazy if you don’t shop at this great department store.

Here are some great scarf options below $25. I love how many options there are nowadays – floral, plaid, plain knit, animal print, stripes, polka dots, and the list goes on and on.



Scarves Under $25

Are you a scarf lover? How many do you have in your collection?

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