Latest Finds at Banana Republic

When I was in Chicago last weekend, I made a style appointment at the Banana Republic on Michigan Ave. It’s a free service – and what a great way to get style tips from people who work in this industry every day. Not to mention this store is the most amazing BR I’ve ever been in!!

I had a wonderful girl help me. Although she really didn’t teach me much that I didn’t already know – it was awesome having someone pull a ton of stuff for me to try on! I was looking for spring and summer items, as well as some things I could take on an upcoming trip.

Another thing that was so great – it was like the whole store was on sale with another 40% off of sale items! Ahhhhhhh yeeeeaaaaahhhhh! So let’s see what she pulled for me!

Here’s the first round of things we pulled.


I love stripes. This dress also has a great opening in the back. A nice thick fabric…good for an end-of-winter/transitioning-to-spring dress.


These shorts are fabulous – a great jacquard fabric. I can’t find them online, but they had the navy color and a great mint color. Sadly, the mint wasn’t in my size 😦 And the striped shirt is very comfortable and would go with so much.


While I love peplum tops, this one just made my girls look absolutely gigantic. I love how it made my waist look tiny, but it was just a little too much. It’s kind of comical comparing this top on me versus the model online!


Bummed I couldn’t find either one of these below online – this great blouse or these shorts. The blouse is a great mint color; it is pretty sheer, so a cami is definitely needed. And these shorts are all around great – print, fabric, and fit. They are elastic waist and not tight around the legs at all.


I have never been a huge white denim fan, but I’m becoming one. And these have just the right amount of detail with the navy piping. Sizing is a little crazy…the stylist actually brought me in four pairs of the same size because she said they can all be cut differently. And she was right! Now, let’s move on to this top…what cute detail! It’s polyester and zips up the back.


I can’t find this top online either, but it’s a great flowy top and has gold buttons up the back. I love cute details like that. And it looks so good with these white jeans!


Again, love the details on the top. This was online, but I think it sold out because now I can’t find it. It’s flowy and fun – I can see it with black shorts and wedges to dress it up a little.


Then…she brought me a few more things that were all on the sales rack!


I was hesitant to try this dress on, but I can see wearing it in the spring and fall. Love clothes that I can wear in multiple seasons. I love the hunter green color, even though they only have the turquoise one online.


I absolutely LOVE the color of this dress – and the fabric. But on me, it bunched a little around my thighs. Not because it was tight, the fabric just laid on me wrong.


Like I said, I’m drawn to stripes, BUT…the size 6 was a little big around my waist, and I think if I tried on a 4, it would have been too tight around the girls. I didn’t know if I loved the black pleats either. But, the fabric was nice and it was really comfortable.


A dress with pockets? Yes, yes, yes! And this was a great price. But it laid a little funny on my chest. It kind of stuck out a little. It was a great tweed that wasn’t itchy at all.



If you are close to a Banana Republic, I suggest you try and get in there before the 26th. It is an additional 40% off of the sale price! Another reason to get in the store? I find they actually mark items down further than they are online. For instance, some of these pieces I bought above were cheaper in the store – and I probably wouldn’t have purchased them if they were the price online.

Keep checking back to the blog to see what pieces I purchased and which ones I passed on!

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  1. I LOVE Banana Republic! I’ve eyed the black and white stripe top with the beading around the neck. I’ve almost purchased it a couple of times recently. So cute!

  2. The Sartorial Coquette

    great finds!! congrats on your haul!! 🙂

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