Men’s Fashion – It’s Important, Too!

When I was reading the latest Sunday edition of the AJC, I read this great article about men’s fashion. It can’t just be about women all the time, right?! Well, maybe 🙂 But, not today.

I work with quite a few men that have a great sense of fashion. One of my coworkers dresses great – and he refers to me as his sister from another mister. He mixes patterns and colors like nobody’s business. I respect his willingness to take fashion risks when a lot of guys in a business setting play it safe.

This article provided some great tips for men. So, I thought I would share, and add a few of my own as well.

1. Shirts. A shirt should glide down the torso, not billow. If you raise your arms and can set sail on the fabric under your arms, you have a problem. Quality collar-stays give all your shirts more polish; use them. If you are on a budget, your priority for casual shirts is a fitted torso, especially if you’ll wear it without a jacket.For shirts you’ll button with a tie, the focus is on the fit at the neck and sleeves, although within a few inches you can get the torso tapered by a tailor and the sleeve shortened.

2. Blazers. The top priority is shoulders. The top seam should be as long as the bone underneath it. The seam for the sleeve should start around the point where your arm bone inserts. If you’re standing upright with the jacket buttoned, you should look slimmer and taller. If fabric is bunching at the shoulder, it’s too small, but if it just feels a little snug and otherwise falls smoothly, welcome to a proper fit. Depending on your build, you may ultimately need a little tailoring to narrow the torso, but that’s a relatively easy fix if the shoulders are good. If you can button the jacket but it pulls across your belly, a tailor has an inch or two leeway to relieve some of that stress, but if you can’t button the jacket at all, they probably won’t be able to help you.

3. Slacks. More men should be asking if this makes my butt look good. Posteriors are not one size, so expect to try on multiple pairs of pants when shopping. They should fit your waist, but that doesn’t mean it flatters. A good fit will glance your bottom and be comfortable for sitting without pulling or constricting anywhere. A little excess fabric in the seat can be taken care of by a tailor. If the pants are too tight, however, there typically isn’t a lot of wiggle room for a tailor to work with, so err on the slightly loose side. And if the fit is wide enough to fit another set of legs, it doesn’t matter if it fits your waist and butt.

4. Jeans. Fits vary and so do preferences, but you should still have at least one pair that you can wear with a blazer, and that pair should fit your waist, butt and have a slimmer leg that breaks at the bottom just around the shoe. Men have the opportunity to buy their pants in various lengths, so be sure to get your pants long enough to where they don’t bunch up and five inches of fabric rests on your shoes.

5. Accessories.

  • You should have a variety of belts to loosely match a variety of leather footwear.
  • Get some wing tips, laceups and Oxfords with European toes and stop with the sneakers during the day.
  • Get some dress socks with color and pattern. Experiment. Have you seen the brand, Happy Socks? Socks can be happy.
  • Invest in a nice-looking, substantially sized time piece with a leather or metal band. Go classic and you can’t go wrong.

6. Fitting Rooms. Use Them. I have seen so many guys just go in to the store, pick up a bunch of items, and hit the checkout line. Wait. What? You’re not going to try all of that on? It’s time to stop and try the clothes on BEFORE taking them home. Read tips 1-4 on why it’s important to have clothes that fit.

7. Outerwear. Just like the clothes underneath the jacket should fit properly, so should your outerwear. While it’s important to have appropriate sizing and not buy a coat that makes you look like a box, you definitely want to have enough room if you have to wear a shirt and blazer under your coat, for instance. In my book, investing in a good, classic overcoat is a must. You can wear it for years if the style and color are classic and traditional.

8. T-shirts. I don’t know a man who doesn’t love a great t-shirt. But, the fit of a great t-shirt is important, too. Not too tight and not too short. Make sure if you bend over, your booty crack isn’t hanging out. Women really don’t find that very attractive 🙂

What tips do you have for the men out there?

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