Closet Organization – Time to Declutter

When we moved into our house back in 2010, this was my daughter’s closet…

before closet organization


As you can see, the closet is a great size, BUT it just had the wire racks. I knew there was SO much potential in this closet. Drawers, double hanging space, shelves…and the list goes on and on. Our master closet was top priority, so the girl’s closet had to wait until this year.

She doesn’t have a lot of drawer space out in her room, so I know I wanted to incorporate drawers to be able to declutter her smaller drawers. I like how Closets & More incorporated a couple of different size drawers – at least one deep one that holds a lot of crafty materials. The top drawer is also a jewelry drawer for when she gets older…I know that will be a necessity 🙂

She also has a TON of American Girl stuff – doll bed, high chair, dressing cabinet, dolls, clothes – and there needed to be room for all of that as well. That’s one reason why you do see a lot of shelving here. As she outgrows the dolls, she can fold sweaters and put them up there or jeans or shoes or really whatever she wants.closet organization closet organization


I love the wire baskets, too, that Closets & More recommended. It’s perfect for her purses and bags. You might wonder what a lot of this stuff is – and it’s Christmas decorations! My momma wanted the kiddos to have trees in their rooms, so they have their own storage stuff.

closet organization


She now has a hidden hamper. Yay! I think this was more for my sanity.  I do also love how she has a little countertop where I moved her necklaces and bracelets.

I think closet organization systems are money definitely well spent. Being organized makes me so happy. I know that seems silly, but when these areas of my house are organized, I feel a sense of calm. Fortunately in the ATL there are many different companies to work with. We worked with a wonderful designer who listened to all of my ideas and developed great designs. If you do decide to put in some closet systems – and aren’t happy with the initial design mock-ups – don’t be afraid to go to another company. We did that when we did our master closet and kitchen pantry. Best decision ever!

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