Feeling Fancy in Ted Baker

Dressing up is one of my favorite things. I’ve always loved it – from the days playing dress up with my best friend Melissa in my basement when we were little. Putting on a little more makeup. Slipping on a beautiful dress that makes me feel good. Love it!

I had my annual work party last weekend in downtown Atlanta. It was a casino night, and everyone had a ball! Food was excellent, drinks were flowing, and the music was right for everyone. The dress code was pretty much whatever you wanted it to be – so I chose cocktail.

Do I have a ton of dresses hanging in my closet? Absolutely. Did I find a Ted Baker dress I couldn’t pass up? Absolutely. It is like a dress I’ve never had before. It is a jacquard dress with such a cool deco pattern, and it fit perfectly. It had to come home with me. And it did. But then…after I got home and having a smidge of buyer’s remorse…we Googled the dress. AND WE FOUND IT MUCH CHEAPER! On Amazon of all places! So back to the store it went, and I ordered it online. You’ve gotta love when that happens.

I also found these awesome rose gold shoes on 6pm.com from Schutz. They are sold out now, but you can see the details here. I only paid $59. They were super high, but oh so cute and matched perfectly.

The dress is fun and flirty, so I wanted fun and flirty hair to match. I think it turned out pretty well. People called me a princess, prom queen, homecoming queen, bridesmaid (which I did NOT like), and Marilyn Monroe. I’m going with Marilyn Monroe as the best compliment, as I have always idolized her.

ted baker deco jacquard dress ted baker deco jacquard dress

Dress – Ted Baker; Shoes – Schutz; Necklace and Bracelet – Stella & Dot

ted baker deco jacquard dressEnjoying my evening!! 🙂

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  1. You look adorable very swanky!

  2. Such a cute dress and thats so awesome that you got it for cheaper! Love the hair as well! 🙂

    -Shannon @ Daily Shananigains

  3. What a great dress! I love the shape. And those shoes are killer! I love dressing up too, it’s so fun and makes you feel good.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. Under $100 is a bargain, looks much more expensive. Great color!

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