Do you Kinect?

For Christmas, Santa brought the kiddos an Xbox 360 with the Kinect sensor. Now, I was hesitant of this gift at first because the last thing I wanted is the kiddos sitting on their booties playing video games. BUT…I was completely wrong!

The Kinect is awesome. All of the games we have bought for it so far get all players up and moving. No controller necessary. In the winter months, even in Georgia, it can be hard to get outside to play, so the Kinect is one of the best indoor options in my book. Last night, the boy came upstairs sweating he was playing so hard. Disney’s Rush game is currently their favorite, and I’ll admit I was down there playing it with them this morning.

Of course momma had to buy a few games as well. Just Dance 2014, Hip Hop Experience, and Zumba Fitness have joined the game collection. I did the 45-minute Zumba “class” today on the Easy level and it kicked my booty! I was sweating just as much as I was in class the other day.

So if you are hesitant on buying your kids – or the whole family – a video gaming system, try the Xbox with the Kinect sensor. It truly is fun for everyone!!

Xbox Kinect

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