Fitness Friday – Best Pregnancy Advice to Exercise

As I was home sick and subjected to horrible daytime television, I stopped and watched a little bit of Katie. She had Hilaria Baldwin (Alec’s wife) on, who was promoting her new pregnancy yoga DVD.

As I was sitting there watching, I was reminiscing back to the days when I was pregnant – which feels like an eternity ago! As I was one of the first ones of my friends to have a baby (I was pregnant at 23 – uh, yeah, I know, we didn’t wait long after we were married), I really didn’t have anyone to give me any advice. No one to bounce all of those questions off of when it’s your first pregnancy and you’re wondering what the heck is happening to your body!

So I was thinking what my best advice would be for those who are pregnant.


Now, I had some sciatic problems during both of my pregnancies, but my booty should have been walking on the treadmill, walking the dog, or just overall being more active. I’ve had many friends who have exercised throughout, and their labors were much easier…and what everyone wants…they got back into shape much faster after their babies were born.

When I was pregnant with both kiddos, the scale tipped over 200 pounds. (Talk about jaw dropping at the OB’s office those days!!) Now, could I have gained the same amount with exercise, I just might have as some women will gain a lot of weight no matter what they try and do during pregnancy. But when I was pregnant 10 years ago, the health and fitness craze wasn’t what it is today. And I certainly couldn’t go out and “pin” my favorite pregnancy workouts or pull up workout tips on YouTube. So those who are pregnant now, take advantage of all of the techie resources you have and get moving!

Just like how exercise makes you feel better and more energized when you aren’t pregnant will happen when you are. And when you feel somedays like your body isn’t your own anymore, why not try and feel better about yourself and exercise?!

Here’s my pregnancy journey with the boy…I started showing SO much earlier with him.

pregnancy timeline


Did you exercise while you were pregnant? Did it help you bounce back faster?

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  1. Great post. I walked every day of my pregnancy and it definitely helped with labor and recovery (which was tough but would have been MUCH tougher had I not exercised!)

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