Fitness Friday – Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

Who doesn’t love a good exercise that works a lot of muscles groups at once? Uh, no one! I think I discovered the Single Leg Romanian Deadlift in my Women’s Health magazine. And I love it. It works your booty, abs, lower back, and shoulders. This might sound weird, but I like doing this deadlift slowly so I can really feel my muscles working.

I typically do 10 on each side for three sets and hold 15 pound dumbbells in each hand. If you research this move, some people do it without weights or with one weight (holding the weight in the opposite hand from the leg you are lifting).

So here’s how I do this deadlift…

single leg romanian deadlift

Just remember to go slow and watch your form. When leaning forward, try not to roll your shoulders forward. Keep your body in one, nice long line.

What are some of your favorite exercises?

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