Frenchie on my Sweater

Ok, I admit I’m not really into the trend of having graphics on my sweaters…BUT…when I saw this sweater at C. Wonder, I had to get it. Since I have a French Bulldog, I felt it was ok! And Daisy is a spoiled girl, so it’s fitting this Frenchie is wearing a pink crown.

There are a lot of ways you can style this sweater, but I thought I would pull out the pink in the crown by wearing it with my pink jeans. Here’s how it turned out…

cwonder french bulldog sweater

Look, Daisy, you’re on my sweater!





As you can tell, she was less than impressed.





Frenchies are everywhere lately. If you are considering adding a Frenchie to your family, I suggest you really research the breed. Are they adorable? Absolutely. Do they snort and snore like a pig? ALL. THE. TIME. Are they full of energy? Yep! Are they easily prone to allergies? Uh huh. I love Daisy more than anything, but sometimes she’s a lot of work. And she’s been kicked out of the hubs and my bedroom because we couldn’t take the snoring anymore! 🙂

Sweater – C. Wonder (no longer online but it is in the store); Jeans and Chambray Shirt – Old Navy; Shoes – Steve Madden; Earrings – Simon Sebaag

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  1. Great look, love the jumper! Please take a look and follow my style blog! 🙂

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