Favorite Things – My Daily Go-To Products


I can tend to be a junkie. A product junkie that is. I’ve been better over the years, not being conned at the beauty counter to purchase stuff I don’t need. There are some products that I just can’t live without in my daily beauty routine – whether it’s put on my face, hair or body. Let’s take a look what I can’t live without…

1. EOS Lip Balm. Let’s see, I have one of these bad boys in my purse, in the bathroom, next to my bed, in my desk drawer at work, in the kitchen, in the pool bag. Um, yeah, it’s the best lip balm ever. I have admit the shape isn’t exactly easy to put in your pocket, but who cares. I hate having dry lips, and this lip balm is my go-to.

2. Dove Deep Moisture Liquid Body Wash. I used to be a body wash junkie. I had so many scents it wasn’t even funny. BUT. I noticed that some would make me breakout on my shoulders and back – and who wants that?! Dove Deep Moisture makes my skin so unbelievably soft and never causes any breakouts. And it’s so affordable – we even buy it in bulk at Costco.

3. Vivite Facial Serum. My dermatologist recommended Vivite about six years ago. And I’ve used this facial serum ever since. Granted, it may be pricey, but it lasts forever. It goes on so smooth and a little goes a long way. When people say “You have kids that are 9 and 6, but you look so much younger!”, I credit that to this serum.

4. benefit They’re Real Mascara. Women, you know how hard it is to find a mascara that you love. Just walk in to Ulta and you have 200 different options to choose from! I discovered benefit’s They’re Real when it came out two years ago. I was really looking for a mascara that extended my eyelashes – and this did it. I never have to curl my eyelashes because this mascara does the curling for me. Many times on the weekends I just put this on and I’m out the door.

5. benefit Stay Don’t Stray. I never used to use primer on my eyes. But I received a sample of this last year, and now I never put on eyeshadow without it. It keeps my eyeshadow in place ALL day – even through Zumba!

6. Pureology’s Root Lift. Yep. My hair just lays flat as a board if I don’t have this product in my hair. My cousin is a hair stylist, and she turned me on to this product five years ago. It’s amazing how much lift I get out of my hair when I roll brush it and have this product in my hair. Thank goodness it comes in travel size!

7. Viva La Juicy perfume. I know some people love to mix up their perfumes or colognes all the time. Well, not this girl. I LOVE this perfume. A coworker even once said “I knew you were here because I could smell you in the hallway.” (And yes I asked if that was a compliment – and it was!) Besides the smell, I love the fact that this perfume makes me smell good all day. It lasts! I’ve had some perfumes where the scent is gone one hour later. Perfume is too expensive not to last the day.

Do you use any of these products? What are some of your go-tos?

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  1. Hi Em. My favorite go to product is NeriumAD night cream. It is pretty amazing. Let me know if you want to give it a try. http://www.dss.nerium.com.

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