Fitness Friday – The Wall Ball


Have you ever had the fear that if you work out your legs, they are going to bulk up and become too muscular and manly? Well, you are wrong. Since I’ve been focusing a lot the last year on squats and lunges, I’ve noticed my legs and thighs getting smaller, not larger. Oh us women, sometimes we think such silly things.

One of my favorite workouts – that works just more than your legs and booty – is the wall ball. It is a pretty simple exercise that gets your heart rate up pretty quickly. There is actually one CrossFit workout where the whole workout is just 150 wall balls. I’ve done 125 before and I thought I was going to keel over! But I digress.

I put together a little animation for you on how to do wall balls.



I must say in my demonstration, I should have gotten a little lower in my squat on the way down. I typically like to touch my elbows to my knees, that way I know I’m doing a good squat. But I’m holding a 20-pound ball and that thing can get heavy pretty quickly.

One big thing with any squat, sit back in your heels. You always hear the “don’t let your knees go over your toes” advice, but also sit back into your squat. A trainer once told me you should be able to wiggle your toes when you are down in a squat because you are pushing the weight back.

So try the wall ball next time you are at the gym – or pick up a medicine ball to have at home. They are definitely worth the money because you can do so many different exercises with them. Happy wall balling, everyone!

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  1. Those are fabulous! Thanks! Susan

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