What I Wore – Polka Dots Please

There’s nothing better than a good polka dot…well…anything. As soon as I saw this shirt on the J. Crew sales rack, I had to snatch it up. And snatch it up I did.

I’ve had such a fascination with button ups over the last year. Why? Because you can pretty much wear them year round! Who doesn’t love things that you can wear during every season! Not only did I think about wearing it now in the summer styled like I did below, but I thought about it in the fall and winter, too, being layered underneath a sweater or under a blazer.

Somewhere along the lines, I heard some great advice (that I will admit I don’t ALWAYS listen to myself). When you are in the store or shopping online, if you can’t think of three different ways to wear that one piece, then ask yourself if it really needs to make a home in your closet. So next time you are wavering on whether or not to buy the “latest must have,” ask yourself how you can wear it.

What questions do you ask yourself before you decide to make a clothing purchase?



Shirt and Necklace – J. Crew; Jeans – Madewell; Watch – Michael Kors; Shoes – Michael Michael Kors

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  1. Love your polka shirt, the color is so beautiful!! Love the way you have styled it too.
    Well, I don’t really think much when I buy anything and then find ways to wear them once it reaches my closet! I recently bought a lovely maxi dress at least 4 inches longer than my height and now waiting to buy a pair of equally high heeled shoes to wear with the dress! 😉 But that is only once, I am usually a sensible shopper and I love what you have written in your article- one should be able to wear one piece in at least 3 different ways 🙂
    Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Do visit my blog as well : http://littlebookoffashion.wordpress.com/

  2. Such a cute outfit, love your hair!

    blue hue wonderland

  3. Love your blouse. It looks cute with the white jeans.

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